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Parthsworld started in India in 2012. Parthsworld offer the best quality pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves to add more glamour and beauty to your look. The Pashmina started in the Himalayas many years ago due to the presence Nepalese people depending on the fabric for warmth and lightness in weight.

“Pashmina” is translated to “Soft Gold”. It is usually consists of wool and cashmere.

If you are looking for comfort, our cashmere pashmina products are perfect for any occasion. We offer our exclusive 100% pure cashmere pashmina shawls, wraps and scarves at affordable prices.

At Parthsworld Online Store, we guarantee fast delivery, free standard shipping and exceptional customer service with special extended return and exchange policy.

Our products come in superior quality materials, sourced locally in Kashmir and Nepal. They are perfect gifts for anniversaries, holidays, bridal and bridesmaid gifts.

For the best and affordable pashmina products, place your order conveniently and securely today.

At Parthsworld we make it simple to enhance your wardrobe with our stylish and exclusive pashmina wraps, shawls and scarves at all times of the year.